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SincereTech, A manufacturer specialized in all type of Traffic Light Products. The products can be manufactured to suit international standards and requirements, products range can be applied for Roads, Railways, Shipping, Aviation, Light Rails transport, Mining and other areas type of transportation.

Our products are wide used for countries such as Malaysia, The Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, India, Brunei, Sudan, Thailand, Iran, Russian Ireland other Western and Europe area as well.

In May of 2007, based on intensive R & D actives, we successfully developed a Hi-Flux Traffic Light Products, the Third Generation with the enhancement of technology, the products are now widely used mostly in Today’s developed countries.

Why LED High Power Traffic Lights

There are 8 advantages regarding LED Hi-Flux Traffic Lights

1. Energy- Saving between 70%-90% than Traditional Traffic lights


2. Extension Of Life Cycle between 2-10 times whilst,Environmental Protection


3.Low Current Voltage 12V between 5 – 7 Times whilst,Achieved  Cost Saving and Safety.


4. The Technology provided in LED Hi-Flux does provide Safety Features for all road users

5. Products Spectral Wavelenth that meets the Eyes Vision of all races all over the world

6. Brightness Of LED based upon International Standard that provide Safety foor road users regardless Daylight or Night


7. LED Hi-flux Traffic Light Products provided the distributioons of Glow, cum with Easy Installation and Low Maintenance Cost

8. LED Hi-Flux Traffic Light Products demonstrated all aspect of Energy Saving Efficiency, Enviromental Friendly, Reliable and achieved High Quality of Safety

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